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How we do that?

We analyze the bio-rhythmical processes of the human organism in form of short-therm measurements in a rest positionThis is achieved by a totally new and innovative technique called fractal neuro-dynamics.



In contrast to a pulse measuring procedure which only records a pulse wave without a specific punctum maximum(point of maximal impulse) the cardiograph records the exact R waves peaks. The cardiograph enables to measure the intensity and interval between heart beats to within an accuracy margin of one millisecond.

What you get?

Circadian forecast of performance capability

The circadian forecast of performance capability shows the individual performance curve within the period of 24 hours. The depiction illustrates performance peaks and gaps as well as the wake-sleep-rhythm including the deep sleep phases and their quality.

We show you...

  • at what energy level is your performance curve and how you can gain even more energy.
  • if you are aible to recover while sleeping and how you can improve that.
  • at what times you shuold not make any important decisions.
  • at what times you are most productive.
  • if you're working against your chronobiology and how you can change that.

Your stress index

With the stress index, shifts of the autonomic nervous system (VNS) can be determined. Values of 30 - 150 points reflect a good balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. From 500 points on there are limitations in adaptability. A recurring inflated stress index requires comprehensive and in-depth diagnostic assessment.


We show you...

  • how you can bring your stress level down in just five minutes.
  • if you're really close to a burnout and what you can do against it.
  • how your body is capable of recovering and how you can speed it up.

From controling symptoms to resolving causes

Challenges are like symptoms. They do not go away on their own because their cause has not been removed. That's why it's important to address the root causes before symptoms become chronic and make you sick.

Lowering your stress level can help you not only combat your problems, but also resolve them. A good option is our coaching program that supports you on your way.