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Bevor the consultation:

For an appointment please follow the contact form below. We will send you the StressCheck+ to your email.


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  • As soon as we receive the completed StressCheck+, we will arrange an appointment with you. We make every effort to accommodate your time.
  • The appointment can take place at your home (up to a radius of 15 kilometres), at your office (up to a radius of 15 kilometres) or in our practice.
  • The COVID 19 protective measures are followed at all times. The mask must be worn and the normal hygiene regulations must be observed.

During the consultation

During the measurements you will be asked to remove your mask. It involves the following steps:
  • The first measurement represents your actual situation and takes 5 minutes.
  • This is followed by a guided breathing exercise of 5 minutes on the computer. 
  • After the breathing exercise, the second measurement takes place. It lasts 5 minutes and represents the regulatory capacity of the body.
  • The results of the measurements are compiled, compared and explained. Your results will be discussed in detail with you, approximately 20 - 30 minutes. 
  • The entire session lasts a maximum of 60 minutes.

After the appointment

You will receive sent to your mobil phone:
  • A full status report.
  • Your personalized breething tool.
  • Your personalized sound tool.

What does the Stress Level Diagnostic cost?

  • The introductory price for the Stress Level Diagnostic is Euro 120.--.
  • The amount is to be paid in cash or bank transfer to payment details:
Raiffeisenbank Bündner Rheintal
IBAN CH06 8080 8007 0816 3224 2
elanzo GmbH / PO Box 172 / CH-7007 Chur / Switzerland
  • Cancellation: Up to 24 hours before the appointment no charge. The full amount is chargeable under 24 hours.
  • Any follow up measurements cost Euro 50.--.

Preparations before the appointment:
  • Please complete and return the StressCheck+ to info@cocoro.ch.
  • Please do not drink alcohol, coffee or other caffeinated drinks at least 1 hour before.

The measurement is not suitable for non-cooperative, unconscious or otherwise incapacitated clients, clients requiring emergency cardiac care, in ventricular and/or atrial fibrillation, severely physically impaired or disabled clients, clients with tremor disorders, e.g. Parkinson's disease, epileptics, pacemaker wearers, in cardiac insufficiencies, in pregnancies, when taking cardiac medication. This list is not exhaustive. In case of doubt, a qualified specialist should be consulted. In these cases, an appropriate clearance certificate must be presented. For ECG evaluations, diagnoses or interpretations of the cardiograph, we recommend consulting specially trained specialists.